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welcome to my little space on the web:

Welcome to my personal website created largely for my own use and ramblings and not to be taken too seriously. If any of the content on here is useful please feel free to help yourself at your own risk, if not just pass on by, it is all the same to me.

I live in Whitehaven in West Cumbria (UK). Divorced, currently single, and available free to a good home but I am probably too set in my bad ways. My beliefs would be based on the concept of equal social opportunity for all.


Professionally, I'm a Systems Analyst, my previous work roles have been mainly in IT (Service & Project Management) but I’ve done factory and bar work too.

I travel to most places by ebike or public transport these days as I got rid of the car in lockdown. Maybe I'll buy another one day, I'm certainly not anti-car but, having driven over a million miles, I'm not in a rush over that and it would be on a needs basis. Many years ago I used to race stock cars so guess the years have slowed me down a little.

Not sure what my hobbies are, I do enjoy a few rock and metal gigs with friends and a beer but not too often. I read fiction books, nothing too heavy, I will watch short YouTube videos but lack the attention span for a TV series.

This site is mobile friendly to a certain degree but is primarily designed for computers and tablets.


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