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Home Brewing

I’ve decided to have a go at home brewing, largely as an experiment since I don’t really buy enough bottles from the supermarket to make this a financially driven exercise and expect it to cost me more than I save.


A beginner’s kit has been purchased online and I’m now waiting for the weather to cool down to something more normal (we are in a heatwave) before starting my first batch. My output will be bottled as a barrel of even the smallest size would be far too big to get through before it went off.


Where do I expect this to go, not sure just yet. My objective is to continue until I can produce something half-drinkable and then I’ll have a think about whether to continue or not. Having said that, it would be cool to develop a beer to exactly my personal taste although I’m not sure what that would be.


Apparently, it is vital to keep a detailed record so that mistakes are not repeated but successes can. I will try to do so here when there has been some progress.

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