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Reading books is a great value pastime. An old book reads the same as a new book.


I've read books since I was a toddler, and the quantity has varied over the years with other commitments sometimes coming first. Over the last few years, it has once again become something I do most days, usually just before bedtime.

My mum was a librarian and I had a Saturday job in the local library as a teenager (nothing like a bit of nepotism) so I have always had books in my life. I switched to using a Kindle when they first came out, I know they have their critics but to me, the key advantages are that they grow no bigger when you add more books and that the phone app is handy when out and about.

Although I read quite a lot of books, I'm certainly not high-brow and a majority would be mainstream crime or thriller stories. I do also listen to audiobooks when I'm travelling, is this still reading?

I have never missed a day's work through drink but I have overslept a couple of times after reading all night, I put a time limit on it these days.

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