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I a certainly no chef and my presentation is 'robust' at best, but I do like cooking. My dishes ​tend to be fairly basic and there is a 'Recipes' option on the main menu of this site if you want to try anything I cook.

Kitchen gadgets are a serious personal weakness (maybe even an addiction) and I just can't help myself from trying the latest ones when they come out. Some last the test of time and some don't, but I have owned most of them at some point which is why I have such a wide range of cooking methods in the recipe book.


My current favourites would be the soup maker, bread maker, instant pot, air fryer and induction hob. As I live alone, I find that all of these suit me far better than a large oven. My oven does still sit there occupying space but I do think it is on borrowed time.

As I continue to get older, I find I have more time on my hands and am very much trying to leave processed foods behind and cook more from scratch where possible. When I was younger and busy, it was ready meals all the way.

Check out my Recipes page on here, it might give you some ideas.

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