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In fairness my interest in gardening is currently aspirational. I live in a terraced house and my 'garden' is actually a walled slab of crumbling concrete. For years I have simply closed the blinds and ignored it, just removing any weeds each autumn if I remember. I did once put a few plants in pots along with a cheap bench, I got a contract away from home and the plants died from lack of water, the bench started to rot and I gave it to kids for the annual bonfire night event that is traditionally held close by.


Recently I have been very impressed with the efforts of one of my friends who has transferred her similar yard into something very special and regularly places Facebook posts pictures of it and the wildlife if attracts. Frankly I'm both jealous and a little shamed and I'd like to take some pleasure and advantage of the relatively small space I've got.


I'm not planning on spending a fortune to get instant results but it would be good to get the basics in before I retire so that things can start to grow. If I can make some basic plans in 2020 and at least tidy it up ready for a start in spring 2021 that will be progress enough. I do just about know enough to realise that my space is north facing which will limit what can be achieved but I'll update this page with more details in due course.

To chart progress I have started taking photos and will try to do so monthly. Hopefully they will show things developing over time.



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