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My Current Bikes

My collection has grown quickly and this has to stop as I've got no more space. Going forwards I will take the opportunity of replacing bikes with something 'better' or upgrading components as and when there is something available at the right price.

Boris is a 2020 NCM Moscow Plus eBike, hardtailed for light off-road use. This is my main bike.

Fred cost a fiver from eBay, project or spares? not sure just yet but he could become a commuter if needed.

Aldwin 1980s racer needing minor attention only. Will be on the road when the tyres arrive.

Maddison a Marin Palisades Trail from the early 1990s which I aquired incomplete as nobody wanted it, spares or restore?

Ronnie my cheap unbranded steel 'leave anywhere' 1985 mountain bike. Only cost £31 but works just fine.

200905 As Purchased.jpg

Wendy goes but won't stop, my type of lass. A little work needed but she is a retro cool folding bike from about 1980.

Ornaari is a Claud Butler Exodus MTB from 1991, not had a chance to check him out properly just yet.

Gonzales a Raleigh Firefly from around 1990, Bought this for £17 from eBay just because of the price, great condition.

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