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Poached Eggs

Egg Cooker

I eat poached eggs on toast two or three times a week (usually the day after I've been using the bread maker), quite possibly my favourite breakfast. I have found that they are most easily cooked in an electric egg boiler, for about fifteen years years I used a machine by Tower but it recently failed and I sourced a cheap but identical machine from eBay for less than a tenner.


I place a measure of water into the base of the egg maker, the same amount as would be used for medium boiles eggs, and the place the egg rack on top. I then butter a silicon egg poaching cup which has been buttered and break the egg into it. (see photo) Add the lid and cook.


Quick, easy and no mess, the egg will just slide out with minimal persuasion. Perfect every time and takes about the same time as cooking and buttering the toast.

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