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A less unhealthy snack?

Like most people, I do like a good 'junk snack' now and again. For me, this is usually when I've got distracted by something and missed my tea or when I'm staying in on a Saturday night. I expect one of these two things happens about half a dozen times a month.

My response is totally predictable, I go to the corner shop and get a three-course junk meal; a grab bag of crisps (ideally mini cheddars), a big bag of sweets (fruit pastilles being my current go-to) and a bar of Dairy Milk. I did work this out once and basically, it is an entire day's calories in one hit with zero nutritional value and costing about £3.50. It is nice though.

Last night, I was just heading out on one of these dinner emergency missions (side-tracked at teatime by sorting out some fishing gear) when it started to rain really hard and I chickened out. A hunt in the cupboard for something 'nice' wasn't an instant win, but there is some wholemeal bread with a bit of life left in it (as toast anyway), I've always got some butter and there is that jar of cheap Aldi jam that I bought in lockdown and never opened.

Four slices of toast and jam later, I've realised that this is also very nice. A quick calculation suggests it is only half a day's calories and costs about 40p. A saving in every department.

I think this may become a new go-to snack, heathiness is all relative and this is an improvement after all.

Aldi Essentials jam can go on my shopping list too, it is loads better than I'd have expected for 39p. I might even make a coconut jam sponge like we used to get at school.

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