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A Premium Bond Winner

The letterbox rattled this morning and through popped a letter from Sunderland, I was intrigued and opened it straight away. "You have won £50 on the Premium Bonds", I feel like I've picked up a Chance card in Monopoly.

This won't change my life and the prize has been automatically reinvested anyway so I can't dash to the pub with it. It has pretty much doubled the value of my years-old investment though.

Are premium bonds worth it in this day and age? The theoretical interest rate is pretty good but if you only have a few the actual chance of winning anything is rather slim so I don't expect to be going wild on them as a return of zero is the most likely outcome and the bond itself never increases in value (all interest is paid out as prizes).

I'll leave my unexpected winnings invested where they are and hope for a biggie.

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