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A Return to the Office

I started my current job during the pandemic so we were not permitted to visit the office without good reason, we have remained mainly working from home ever since. This suits me as my commute would not be feasible on a daily basis without buying a car (the only thing I'd need it for). Without having a fixed time to finish, it is also possible to be more flexible when it is busy. Having said that, it is nice to actually meet other team members on occasion.

Starting in a couple of weeks we are going to all be going in once a month, this will be a good thing. Time to do a little preparation so I've got myself a new bait box, I do like the Sistema range of products and have a few, they are well made and last a lot longer than the cheaper versions from the discount chains, they are also BPA free (whatever a BPA is).

I found two of these on eBay for less than the price of one on Amazon, new but unused, they are rather good as there is a sandwich container and three separate additional sections including a little screw-top container which is just the right thing for a bit of Angel Delight (a firm favourite with me). The main challenge will be not to take two lunches.

Next stop, milk sticks for a cuppa.

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