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Air Fried Roast Parsnips

I really like roast parsnips and normally do them in the oven, thought I'd try the air fryer instead and it worked really well.

These are great with a roast dinner, but I usually have them on their own instead of a bag of sweets so maybe I’m weird. I like them cooked to the point where the edges are browned and starting to caramelise.

Here are the cooking steps, dead easy

  1. If you wish you can peel the parsnips, personally I normally just scrub them and cut off the tops and tails

  2. Quarter the parsnips lengthways and place in the air fryer basket

  3. Spray lightly with a little oil and shake until evenly covered

  4. Cook at 185°C for 10 to 15 minutes to your taste, shake part way through the cooking time

Tip: To add flavour, these can be drizzled with a little honey before cooking.

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