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Air Fryer, cookies and freezers; A good mix

I do like cookies, especially warm from the oven with ice cream. The problem is that I can like them too much so I tried a little test.

A pack of Jane Asher cookie mix (chocolate chip) was purchased from one of the discount shops, they were £1.09 which seemed like good value.

Following the simple instructions, I made the mix, I just had to add butter and water. At this stage, the mix was divided into 6 balls and 5 of them were frozen on a tray before putting them into a plastic bag in the freezer (easy to separate this way).

I cooked the unfrozen one at 160C for

12 minutes, it was great. The next day I thawed another ball and cooked that, it cooked perfectly.

This appears to be a winner as I can only easily eat one at a time, one of these packs will be added to my monthly shopping list (well, maybe two packs).

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