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Aldi - Cast Iron Cookware on a Budget

Last week I was tempted by the 'centre aise' yet again. This time my 'bargain' was a cast iron casserole dish for less than £17. I wish I'd gone shopping earlier in the week as I'd have liked a medium-sized cast iron frying pan too, maybe next time they come around, there is no rush.

Why choose cast iron, basically the heat distribution is more even and this makes it better suited to longer cooking durations such as a casserole or higher temperatures such as cooking a steak in a griddle pan.

There were two sizes available, one was 26cm but I chose the smaller one, I've not actually measured it but I'd guess at about 18 or 19cm, anyway, it is big enough for me.

The dish has a well-fitting lid with an easily gripped handle and is enamelled inside (in a cream colour) which contracts nicely with the blue exterior.

I've tried this out on my induction hob and it worked well and was easy to clean. Compared to the more expensive brands, this does seem like a bargain.

Aldi's cookware buyers have been dishing up the deals very well over the last few years and if you are willing to wait until your desired products hit the shelves they seem to be the sensible choice.

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