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Aldi Ruby Red Ale

I don't drink a great deal at home but it was bank holiday weekend, very sunny, and I couldn't be bothered to drag myself down to town.

There have been 2 bottles of Aldi Ruby Red Ale in the fridge for a few weeks, not tried it before and decided to give it a blast, well yesterday was the day.

I do like the darker beers and long as they are not crazy-strong, the Ruby Hobgoblin and Black Sheep are both high on my list of likes.

This Aldi one is not far from the Hobgoblin as far as I can tell and for £1.19 it is outstanding value. I'm going to be popping at least one on my shopping list each time I go there (one is generally my limit for at-home drinking as it is usually a just-before-bed thing).

Must go, I said there were originally 2 in the fridge and the other one has just called me.

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