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Am I an Alien?

Seem like a strange question but the case for it is growing. To be fair, I've always had the ears but there are recent developments.

For a number of years, I have suffered from an umbilical hernia. It started as a small thing and grew steadily until it was uncomfortable and became a problem that needed to be addressed. So I went to my GP and got referred to the hospital.

After waiting a few months, I got an appointment to see a specialist who agreed it needed to be operated on. Unfortunately, the pandemic came along and these types of operations were put on hold.

Finally, I have had it fixed this week and am pretty sore at the moment but that will pass. What will remain is the new absence of a belly button which was removed as part of the process, I have been reminded that this is a classic alien feature.

Beware, I may eat your young as I do not come in peace!

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