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Amazing Asda

Shopping by bike or bus is great most of the time but a few things are more problematic due to either size or weight. My answer? once every 3 months I amaze Asda with what may be one of their weirder home delivery orders.

My order consists of 6 packs of Diet Pepsi (24 cans per pack), 18 toilet rolls, 8 boxes of cereal and a few cleaning or washing products. Nothing fresh, I prefer to choose that myself.

The deliveries come from the next town, I choose Asda because it is by far the largest supermarket locally and has the widest range. I have also found them to be very reliable for deliveries.

With this combination of shopping methods, I seem to be able to do my grocery shopping with no problem at all.

I must have clocked up some store credits as I got £15 off this time, by choosing an unfashionable delivery time late on Saturday night I paid only £2 which seems pretty fair to me. It also meant I couldn't go out for the night, probably saving a further £50 so the shopping was almost 'free'.

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