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Basic White Girl?

How the times change. Up until about 18 months ago I'd have associated 'Hi Steve, the usual?' with a greeting in my local, but what with a spell doing other things followed by the pandemic it really is that long since I've been in a pub or had an alcoholic drink (I've never been a home drinker).

Anyway, that is exactly how I was greeted in Starbucks today. I mentioned this on Facebook and my daughter called me a basic white girl. I'm really showing my age here because I didn't know what it meant and had to look it up.

The pubs are back open now so maybe I should go and join all the other 'oldies' by the bar and speak in a language I actually understand but somehow I really can't work up the enthusiasm anymore. 18 months without a hangover has made me realise I really don't think I want another one.

I think I'll stick with the bike rides for now (the nearest Starbucks is a 15 mile round trip and probably my most common destination) and reassess things in the autumn.

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