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Budget Glasses, Any Good?

There are a number of online retailers offering glasses at very cheap prices but are they any good? I decided to give then a try as I wanted a spare pair. I chose SelectSpecs simply because they were the first ones that game up in my search.

How does it work? Very simple, you need your prescription (if you have paid for an eye test your optician is obliged to provide you with this), you choose the frames you fancy and simply enter the details. It takes no more than 10 minutes.

I purchased a pair of reading glasses and a pair for normal use. The frames I chose were from their very cheapest range as they are for spare, there were many to chose from and probably something to suit everyone's taste.

The glasses arrived by post in just over a week, I was provided with an update by email at each stage of the process. The glasses do look cheap and the frames are a bit shiny compared to the more expensive ones from the opticians but the quality is good and the lenses are every bit as good as my originals. The cases are very basic but we need to put this into perspective, I paid £18.95 (including delivery) for TWO pairs of glasses which is really amazing, they do have more expensive frames and tints available if that is your thing but I can't see mine when I'm wearing them and I'm prone to damaging them so I really just want the cheapest.

Would I use SelectSpecs again? Undoubtedly. If I find myself working in an office environment I will repeat exactly the same order again and leave some at work. The overall service and value were both excellent, SelectSpecs have gained themselves a long term customer.

I no longer fear losing or damaging my glasses as replacing them is affordable and easy, I would happily recommend SelectSpecs.

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