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'Bus is broke'

This morning I headed off fishing by bus, alas it got to the furthest point from my destination (twice as far as my starting point) before making some nasty grinding noises and stopping.

'The bus is broke' said the driver and off we got, well actually we didn't, most people sat there awaiting a miracle but I got off as it was clear that the miracle in question would not be forthcoming.

I've been keeping tabs on the unreliability of Stagecoach as they are truly appalling, if you depend on their services there is a 16% chance that your journey will fail, worse than a third-world country. When will we get a government willing to invest in nationalising public transport, until then a reduction in car use will simply not happen.

Hey-ho, think I'll spend the time seeing if I can adapt my bike trailer to carry long fishing rods.

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