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Bus Stop Diaries

I’ve seen many things while waiting at bus stops over the years, some good and some less so. Drunks, fights, dealing, sex acts, young love, it all appears from time to time.

There was lovely Easter weather in town today, the warmest day of the year so far and I saw many people wearing dresses or shorts & T-Shirts. There was also one random guy in a big duffle coat (I didn’t know they still existed) and a balaclava. Can't beat a bit of variety.

The bus stop is right outside the ‘Cat’ pub and a seriously dodgy-looking lass who looked several decades older than she sounded walked up to me asking if I knew where the Cat pub was at the same time as being stood outside it, I was sorely tempted to direct her elsewhere until I remembered that it is a dump and she’d likely fit in alright.

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