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Bus Wanker

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Early this month I had an operation on my stomach so have not been able to ride my bike, if I had a car I would not have been able to drive that either. I have also only been able to walk short distances.

Today, I went out on the bike for the first time since. Just a short trip to Tesco but all went well so a graduated return to cycling seems like a good plan.

So how have I been getting around? I have been working from home so could manage by just going out for essential shopping trips using the bus although these were trips hampered by only being allowed to lift a very low weight, so I had to go out most days.

Basically, I’ve substituted my normal domestic bike trips with

  • 6 short walks

  • 1 scooter trip (pretty sure this was a no-no)

  • 31 bus rides

  • 3 lifts (they volunteered)

How effective was the bus? Actually, it was very effective, I’m fortunate enough to have a bus stop very close to home and it takes me into town running every 30 minutes during the daytime, it also stops off at one of the local supermarkets.

My 31 rides cost me a total of £21 (via weekly tickets) which also makes it very affordable. Admittedly it is often a few minutes late due to traffic (the timetable is a bit too optimistic at some points in the day) but overall it is actually a good service as long as you don’t want to travel in the evening or on a Sunday. I found I could do a little shopping and get home within a 1-hour lunch break (just).

I like the flexibility of being able to travel whenever I want but, for local shopping, there is not much wrong with being a bus wanker after all as long as you can do your shopping during the daytime.

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