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Can anyone find brown lentils?

There are many different varieties of lentils out there, all have recipes they are best suited to so I usually have several in the cupboard.

Recently I needed some brown lentils, they tend to be good in a slow cooker recipe as they don't turn to mush like the red ones.

As these are the most commonly used across the world this should presumably be easy. Unfortunately not, British supermarkets simply don't seem to stock them for some reason.

A quick online search and Amazon saved the day with free Prime delivery on a 5kg bag for just over £15, my only challenge now is finding something airtight that is big enough to store them in.

I do occasionally have a day trip to Manchester, I think I need to find time to visit the Asian shops as there is quite a big saving to be made on lentils and spices compared to supermarket prices and postage tends to be uneconomic on smaller quantities of herbs and spices.

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