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Can I become a 'Gamer'?

Early last winter I spent some time playing Township on my computer and iPad, eventually it became a bit monotonous (at this point, the 'in-game' costs can easily start to mushroom to avoid the monotony) but I did enjoy it up to that point. Apart from a very brief dabble over 25 years ago, computer games are brand new to me.

I purchased a Nintendo Switch OLED on the back of this (and using some 'backpay' I was due). Having tested it out to make sure that it worked, it went back in the box to wait for the day when I'd got time to learn how to use it.

With the recent bad weather limiting other options, the time had arrived. I fall into the 'old dog' category these days, can I learn some new tricks?

I chose the Switch due to its versatility, it can be used as a handheld device (I have spotted several people using them on the train), it can be stood on a table and used with the small controller provided with it, or it can be used in a dock (also supplied) and attached to a TV via HDMI.

I'm likely to use the dock most of the time and also bought a larger controller from Amazon, the other modes will be nice to use while travelling or staying away.

The OLED screen seems very clear although the Switch does not have the resolution of some of its competitors (still better than my eyes so not an issue). Game performance seems fine.

All in all, it seems like a lot of technology for the money although none of this is cheap, add in an SD Card and a couple of games and we are just the wrong side of £400. I'm expecting the 'per hour' cost to level out to a sensible level over a couple of years and most forms of entertainment cost something.

I'm not expecting to become an avid gamer living a solitary nocturnal life every day (does that even make sense?) but I do want to see if I can successfully play something from a later generation than me. My initial tests have shown me to be totally out of my depth, there is a lot to learn. I'm also going to have to learn not to swear before I use it in public.

If I never post about this again it will have been a failure so hopefully I will be posting about actually completing a game at some point. Woof woof.

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