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Can I fix my skanky toenail?

For many years, I've had one big toenail which always looks dirty, just the one. I mentioned this at a recent doctor's appointment and was told that it was probably a fungal infection. I've had a look at the options to fix it.

I need to apply this stuff from Boots twice a day for 4 weeks and apparently, that has a good chance of clearing the infection so I've started today.

At almost £20 for a tiny bottle it isn't cheap but this is what it claims

  • At the end of the Treatment Phase the level of discolouration on the nail is reduced

  • After 9-12 months which is the average length of time a human toenail takes to grow-out completely, the discolouration will have disappeared and nails will have recovered with no signs of fungal infection

Watch this space and I'll report on progress, it has to be said that the product reviews are a bit mixed but that may be as most people (myself included) are very impatient.

I'll remain hopeful. Watch this space and I'll update this is anything noticeable happens.

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