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Can I grow cress?

Back when I was at primary school, I remember us growing cress. I don't believe I've ever done so since.

Yesterday I visited the local Wilko to see what they might have in their liquidation sale and came away with quite a few packs of seeds for just pennies each. Among them were cress seeds for just 15p, if I can get even a small harvest I will have got more than value from them.

Not being too sure what to grow them in, I took inspiration from my dustbin and pulled out a small Philadelphia container (the one with the breadsticks which do not resemble bread). I removed the part the cheese had been in and used the rest.

How will this work out and how long will it take? No idea but I've moistened a little compost and sprinkled the seeds on top (I did this yesterday lunchtime). This now sits on my office desk so that I can monitor progress so I'm hoping to see something happen by mid-week. Watch this space.

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