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Changing Apple Airtag Batteries

I use Apple Airtags to keep track of several higher-value things and have done so for over a year, recently they have started to report that the batteries need to be changed (I bought them all at the same time). That will be easy then. Oh, not so according to the Internet.

Many of the main high-quality CR2032 batteries on the market use a bitter coating to dissuade infants from swallowing them. Duracell batteries are an example of this. The Airtags will not work with this coating due to it aligning with some of the connectors. YouTube has several potential fixes posted, there are also entries stating that the fix does not work so I guess it is a vase of 'take your pick'.

I decided to try to obtain the same batteries as were supplied with the Airtabs at the point of purchase from Apple. These were from Panasonic and are available from Amazon. I can't guarantee that they will never go through a design change, but they have worked for me as a straightforward replacement. I've included a picture of the packaging.

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