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DI Nick Dixon books by Damien Boyd

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Across the Covid-19 lockdown periods; we have been a bit restricted on our leisure choices, especially when the weather is poor.

I'm not much of a TV guy so I have turned to reading on my Kindle. Rather than 'binge-reading' just one author or series of books I've been mixing a few up for variety but have just finished all available books written by Damien Boyd who is a former solicitor turned crime fiction writer.

I've read ten books featuring Nick Dixon as the central character. These are police procedural 'whodunnit' type books but DI Dixon breaks the usual mould as he is a fairly well-balanced individual who likes climbing and walking his dog rather than the normal womanising, violent or alcoholic front-man. Having said that, he is very hands-on and seldom short of action.

The books are well written and normally take three or four evening sittings to complete. The plots are plausible and of medium complexity, they push along at a brisk pace with plenty of action whilst still building the main characters along the way.

The series is currently incomplete with books 11 and 12 still in the making so these are probably due out this summer and the following one at a guess.

I'll need to find another author to follow but will miss these until the next one is out. I'd definitely recommend them for a read.

The order of books to date is:

  1. As the Crow Flies

  2. Head in the Sand

  3. Kickback

  4. Swansong

  5. Dead Level

  6. Death Sentence

  7. Heads or Tails

  8. Dead Lock

  9. Beyond the Point

  10. Down Among the Dead

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