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Diversity of Local Rides & Sights

I guess that I'm lucky in many ways and the views I have available to me on a local bike ride are an example of this (please excuse the poor photography).

The first photo is what I see at the start of end of a majority of my bike rides. It is the cliffs close to home (Kells). This is my (frequently windy) view if I'm heading anything other than South.

When I get to town I have Whitehaven harbour (this one is not my photo) to look at and usually cycle around it as it forms part of NCN72. Although It has lacked maintenance over the past few years, there is currently a big drive to improve it again and things are starting to look better.

Going West, I'm soon on the edge of the lake distrtict. This is Ennerdale and I took the photo just before the drop down into Kirkland, it is one of several highlights of the 30-mile 'Whitehaven Circular' which is one of my favourite leisure rides which takes just over two hours (brutal in the winter).

As a contrast, if I head South it is the harsher industrial landscape of Sellafield, yes you really can get that close on your bike as I took this photo last year using my phone.

All in all, a very rich array of choices.

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