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Does Induction Cooking Work?

Almost 9 months ago I purchased an induction hob from Amazon, it was described as an Abode Double Induction Hob Portable Digital Touch Control 2800W and has two rings, one of which can provide a higher level of heat than the other.

I was slightly apprehensive as I had never used one before and was also uncertain how many of my pots would be compatible with it.

Although it has not been used every day, it has seen a lot of use and has performed flawlessly. The glass top has not scratched at all and is far easier to clean than the old gas cooker, it also heats up very quickly and offers rapid control of cooking temperatures. The fan makes it noisier than my gas rings and it does 'click frequently in use as the unit regulates the temperature but neither of these are loud enough to be of any concern.

I have had no problems with my existing pots other than a very battered aluminium stock pot which was due for replacement anyway. Reliability? probably still too early to say, but it is still working perfectly at the moment.

I'm a convert, the next step will be to find a modern replacement for the oven and then the old rust cooker can go out for the scrap man.

This unit cost me £95 at the time and is currently available for £75. There are far more expensive units out there and they do have larger rings and better warranties but this was a 'toe in the water' and won't be replaced until it stops working, I may be tempted by a built-in unit when that day arrives.

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