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Getting ready for lure fishing

This year, I want to expand my sea fishing options by adding some lure fishing. I know very little about this apart from what I've seen on YouTube.

I already own a few secondhand lures that came in eBay job lots (more than a few to be honest) and tried casting a couple off the pier with my float rod to see if I could do it (the lures are much lighter than anything I'm used to). I'm now ready to have a proper go once the weather improves.

I'm hoping to do this from the rocks rather than the harbour and expect to lose or break some hardware along the learning curve so late last year I purchased a cheap (£15.94 delivered) 8ft Ron Thompson rod from eBay, with a casting range of 15-45g it should do the job.

I've finally had a proper look at it and it looks far better than I expected. Next step is to buy a few other bits and pieces from AliExpress to break along the way, I've set a tight budget so watch this space as I'll report back on how much I can get from China for £30.

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