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Heating pies in the air fryer

I found a couple of lonely minced beef & onion pies on Morrisons' reduced shelf yesterday morning, a sell-by date of the day in question. I've 'hotted these up' in the microwave before and the results are pretty disappointing, so will the air-fryer do a better job?

It will vary from air-fryer to air-fryer and pie to pie but here is a starting point.

I disregarded the instructions, they were in microdot and my old eyes couldn't decipher them. Chuck them in complete in their foil cases and 20 minutes at 160C.

The results were pretty good, add some mash and a bit of instant gravy and a midday dinner was most splendid. Sadly this method of reheating doesn't stop pastry heartburn any more than a normal oven but that's life.

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