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Hello Sexy Legs

I'll be the talk of the town if I wear shorts. For a few years, I have had a support stocking on my left leg after varicose vein surgery, it is black.

Also for years, I've also had an ulcer on my right leg, this was caused by the initial problem fixed by surgery but the ulcers take a very long time to heal and it was large to start with. I've been in compression bandages changed by a nurse at silly o'clock in the morning once a week.

I had an appointment today and it is very nearly healed (pin-head size left rather than a large bone-deep crater which is pretty much where we started), and I've been given support stockings for that leg too as a trial.

An occasional return to bandages for short periods of time is just how it goes but, in principle, the stocking should keep me OK for a majority of the time which will be much easier.

Being me, and having pretty much no shame, this time I have requested brown ones (ironically, they are called natural when nothing natural looks like this) so that I don't confuse them as they are different. I will look odd with a non-matching pair but dress sense has never been my speciality anyway.

I'm not going to miss those bandages in hot weather, that is for sure and I can shower a lot easier.

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