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Home brewed coffee, a huge saving

When I started working from home, I decided that it was important to get out of the house for a short while between getting up and starting work. I still think this is an essential thing for the sake of my own sanity.

My solution was to get on my bike and go to town to get a coffee from Greggs, I did this seven days a week come rain or shine. It seemed rude not to get a bacon & omelette roll with it and I piled the weight on (we are talking about almost 2 stone), the cost of this also started to get noticeable.

About six months ago, I invested in a cheap (less than £25) Murphy Richards one-mug filter coffee maker and took my morning rides in a different direction or went for a more local walk instead, this has now become a habit. I’ve tried a few different coffees and have worked out what I like, as it happens it is a cheap one from Aldi and it is every bit as good as a white coffee from Greggs.

I now have a cup in the morning (I'm having one right now) and another in the afternoon, sometimes I also have a decaf in the evening. I usually have oats for breakfast now.

I’ve been well impressed with this machine, if it broke I’d buy another the same day, it has been cheap to run even though I add a size-1 paper filter each time I use it to make the cleaning easier. I’ve also lost the weight I put on.

A quick calculation tells me this simple change is saving me in the region of £750 a year which is seriously impressive. Maybe it really is the small changes that make a difference, I probably need to look at my other 'habits' to see if they are really providing me with much.

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