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Improving my presentation

I am talking about my cooking here. Personally, I'm still the same scruff as usual and have absolutely no intention of changing that any time soon.

I'm not claiming to be the best cook in the world, but I am also a long way from being the worst. My food presentation has always been a bit lacking though, I'm very much from the 'stack it high and sod the looks' school of cookery.

Today I thought I'd try a little harder. This evening's tea was just a cheap supermarket dried pasta and sauce (ready in five minutes) and two cold sausages which were left over from the weekend.

For some reason, I decided to thinly slice the sausages and scatter them about (I wouldn't normally bother). Having done this, I realised it actually looked more appetising so went wild and grated a very small amount of cheese on top and then added a few chopped leaves of home-grown parsley to provide a finishing touch.

The results were remarkable. Obviously it was the same meal as I'd originally planned, but it looked so much better that I'm sure I could taste a difference. I have possibly made a rod for my own back here.

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