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Indian vs Chinese Takeaways Costs - Best Value?

Is an Indian takeaway really expensive compared to a Chinese? I used to think so although I did still get them after a weekend session sometimes. I go out to town far less often these days but have popped into the local Indian takeaway on my last couple of Friday nights out and think my mind has been changed by a slight alteration in my order.

I’ve been getting three starters and a curry but no rice. Basically, this costs about what I would have previously paid for a main course, rice and naan bread. I specifically get a Chicken Chat on Puri as one of the starters, a mini curry in its own right with a fried bread of some sort dropped into it and it makes quite a fair feed.

I’ll have that and my other starters when I get home and am then too full to eat the main course, this cools overnight before going into the fridge to be warmed up as a splendid bonus meal the next evening with some microwave rice from Aldi. Having marinated for a day longer it is particularly splendid.

A revelation and a winner in my opinion.

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