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Is it time for a hobby review?

Over the years I have had a lot of hobbies, some have come and gone and some have lasted decades. Most of them have required a car to get to a location.

Since I have no plans to get another one of those particular money burners any time soon, it is time for a rethink, it is worth noting that my interest in spending hours driving has no real appeal anymore either, I guess that is just a case of getting older as I used to enjoy driving.

My age means that I'm headed towards retirement so may soon have more time available too but less money so I need some affordable interests.

I've listed reading and cooking amongst the things I enjoy and they fit into that bracket but I need more. I don't have a garden and have been on the allotment waiting list for years (it is dead man's shoes to get one of those with little chance of reaching the top of the list prior to death).

Recently I've started keeping ants, once I've got all the kit it will be cheap and I'm almost there with that but it still doesn't feel like enough.

I would list cycling and that does take a fair bit of my time but it has become my default mode of transport and I now view it as 'normal' rather than an interest now.

Despite the picture, I can't see crochet captivating me. Several of my interests are primarily summer activities so I need to think of something I can pick up in the autumn and then drop off when the other ones pick up in the spring. Long-winded projects don't really work well for me either and I have almost zero artistic skills.

I'm struggling with this one, I do fancy growing a few herbs and that sort of thing but yet again it is a summer activity. I suppose I could do a bit of walking but yet again it doesn't fill a winter's evening.

Hopefully I'll have a flash of inspiration soon.

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