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Is the cost of living crisis a scam?

I was just leaving town earlier today when I realised I'd forgotten to buy some butter, Home Bargains was close so I popped in there, not a place I'd normally buy food but they do stock a few basics.

Butter is one of the things which has shot up dramatically in price, as usual, the 'cost of living crisis' gets the blame. Anyway, I expected to pay a couple of quid, significantly more than the 82p which butter was for a very long while in Tesco. OK, so I'm sad for remembering that but remember it I do.

They had one of the main brands (County Life) for £1.99 and then I noticed 'Meadow Churn' for £1.49, a whole 25% cheaper than the big brands and 20% cheaper than the supermarket's own brands. A check of the label showed that it was British (from Crewe), had the same ingredients, and the same composition. In other words, it is butter.

When I got home I had some hot toast to try it out. Trust me, it is the proper stuff as expected.

How can the main brands be worth 25% more? we are not comparing a Bentley and a Dacia here, it is butter made by a simple process. There is only one possible reason, profiteering. We have been told to expect to pay more and then have then been taken advantage of, I'm putting the blame on the retailers here as the giants pretty much dictate prices to the manufacturers.

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