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Last-Mile Delivery Challenge

I have just watched an interesting video on a potential solution for last-mile delivery. These vehicles by EAV look great and offer a real alternative but in order for them to be fully effective, I feel (as an experienced e-biker) that we need legislative change.

I really don't want to sound negative as I like them a lot, but I do have some reservations. They are currently covered by ebike law which restricts motor power to 250W but when they are loaded they will be significantly heavier than a bike and suffer from much higher wind resistance.

Whilst it is true that the latest motors have excellent torque compared to earlier models, London is not the only city in Britain and many have hills that would be unmanageable with a load.

We need legislative change urgently so this type of cargo vehicle can have more power than an ebike whilst still having the same speed limit for assistance (15mph), this would dramatically increase the usability of these types of machines in a far wider range of environments.

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