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LED Bathroom Light

For many years, my bathroom light has been somewhat retro, well no more, the bulb blew and I decided to upgrade to LED, rather than just replace the bulb yet again. I've replaced it with a proper bathroom LED ceiling light fitting.

The unit came from Amazon and was described as ArkCamp Bathroom Lights Ceiling 5000K, 24W 1950LM. It cost just £14.55 with Prime delivery the next day.

24W, how does that compare with the old-school 60W filament? Literally night and day, the bathroom is now operating theatre bright with a clear white light. I'm very impressed at the value for money here.

The unit was very easy to fit. Just turn off the power, connect two cables with a 'chocolate block' (not provided), push the cables into the hole in the ceiling and fit the base with three supplied screws, the actual light just screws onto the base with a quarter turn.

I did a quick calculation and, at current rates, if used for an hour a day, this should save around £4.50 per year in electricity, so has a payback time of just over three years.

The lights (fluorescent tubes) in my kitchen and utility room are old and slow to start so -will presumably fail when the weather gets cold again so I've ordered suitable LED replacements for those now.

The savings overall should be over £25 per year. Not life-changing, but the increase in light levels will be very welcome. These units are claimed to have a lifetime or 20-30,000 hours so, over that time, it should be several hundred pounds and soon pay for the investment.

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