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LED Desk Lamp Upgrade

I've been working from home most of the time for the last few years with only occasional office visits (typically once a fortnight). The darker days have again shown up the inadequacy of my office lighting once again.

I should have fixed this properly when I started but (being me), I purchased an elderly desk lamp from a charity shop for £2. This works well and is quite bright but is does have three shortcomings.

  • It is quite power-hungry

  • The light is very directional

  • Spare bulbs are very hard to find (a strange-looking halogen bulb)

I've taken advantage of the seasonal break to reorganise the office a bit and to buy a more modern LED desk lamp.

I chose the SKYLEO LED Desk Lamp with Clamp from Amazon costing around £23, not the cheapest option but it has good reviews. The lamp has a sturdy metal frame with a lot of adjustability in all directions and it clamps securely to the side of the desk. It can be set for several different light levels and has a warm, normal or pure white option at each level. Power comes from a USB adaptor (not supplied) which is fine as I already have a multi-port charger on the desk.

So far, so good. It is a lot easier to see things.

Lifetime is stated at 50,000 hours and for me, that equates to around 10 years of use which would see me through to retirement. I don't believe that for a moment, but if I get a couple of years out of it I will be happy enough. With a stated 12W power consumption it should have a lower operating cost too.

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