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Legume Lunacy

Had to pop to Carlisle for an appointment today so I did some shopping in Sainsburys while I was there. The Covid queues are back and some early signs of panic buying so hopefully that will not get as bad as last time.

I only needed some fruit and vegetables, but my 'knock-down label' eye did notice an extreme reduction on lentils. Something which I have only really started eating since the lockdown first came in, more time to cook I guess.

As it happens, I knew I was a little low on supplies and we all love a bargain. They were going for just 15p for the ‘French’ ones and very slightly more for other organic varieties so, time to stock up.

I don't want to be accused of hoarding scarce supplies, but there were lots on the shelf and I didn’t take more than I’ll use (eventually). If a lentil shortage is reported in Calisle I'll hang my head in shame. Anyway I grabbed 3kg of them.

No obvious reason for this ‘flash sale’ but as they seem to mostly be an in-house brand with long use-by dates (if they are even relevant for dried products). I imagine there is some rebranding going on, the lentils will be blissfully unaware of what the packet says and I’m not too bothered either.

Time to expand my recipe range and get experimental I think.

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