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Lockdown kitchen malfunction?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My kitchen has been doing weird things during lockdown and I expect it is not alone.

My cupboards have for years held mainly tins but now there is an array of different rices, pastas, flours, herbs, spices, dried beans etc. The fridge always contained whatever ready meals had been on the supermarket knockdown shelf in the last few days but now it is full of a wide variety of fruit and veg with hardly any processed or manufactured food in sight. I've even started working through the two freezers full of meat and fish which has been there for several years (probably several more than I'd like to think of but I've not killed myself yet). A lot of my recent web surfing has been for recipes. I used to go shopping every day, now its no more than once a week.

This is all quite unnerving but it does go to show how much of an impact work can have on your diet if you let it. I think my shopping bill has even gone down after an initial spend to restock the herbs and spices. The challenge now is to stick to it and avoid falling back into an unhealthy and expensive diet.

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