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New Year, New Me?

Updated: Jan 20

It is that time of year when I normally don't make 'resolutions'. In fairness, I'm knocking on a bit in years and am pretty much the finished article, whether good or bad. This year I thought I'd jot down a couple of bits though. Hopefully, I can look back and tick the boxes. So as a reminder to myself;

  1. Increase my frequency of exercise. In fairness, I wasn't too bad last year with 252 days of recorded activity on Strava (I use Strava if it is 30 minutes or more so not just a wander to the corner shop).

  2. Eat less junk, although I enjoy cooking, I can be lazy and my takeaway bill last year was a massive £1,200 so it must be possible to do better than that.

  3. More leisure, I've never fully gone back to a pre-lockdown life and probably don't want to but a few more trips out or away would probably be a good thing for my sanity. I did go away for a few random nights in 2023 but think a larger number should be achievable.

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