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Now I can cook chips

I don't eat a lot of deep-fried food but there are some things which are simply better cooked that way and anything else is just a poor substitute. Examples that spring to mind are home-cut chips, scampi and onion rings.

I've had a couple of fryers over the years, in both cases I ended up giving them away as they just took up to much space.

While I was doing my weekly shopping in Aldi yesterday, I spotted something which might possibly be the solution; a mini-fryer from Ambiano (I believe this is Aldi's own brand), it has a small footprint and is designed for single-portion booking. It was priced at £17.99 which seemed pretty affordable so one (of the two in stock) found itself in my trolley along with a bottle of sunflower oil.

I've tried it out today with home-cut maris piper chips and it does exactly what it should. The result was quite a grand tea with air fried basa fillets, roasted bell peppers, and chips. Very nice.

The warranty is for three years which is very reasonable. Will I have given it away by then? only time will tell.

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