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Road-Snail No More

I've not used my caravan this year (mainly due to the pandemic) and did not use it last year as I did not have enough time off work to take it practical. It is old and has already done most of the depreciating no I didn't rush to sell it.

I went to see it a couple of weeks ago (in storage) and it had developed a good thick layer of algae so needed some attention but the owner of the storage yard did say that he knew of someone who was looking for one if I wanted to think about it.

Anyway, in reality it in not possible to put the bike in it and if I was going away I'd want to do that. I would be better off getting a medium sized van at some point, so today I sold the caravan. I didn't get a lot of money but at least I'm not spending on insurance and storage for something which I don't really need any longer.

Mixed feelings as it was nice to have the option but I do believe it was the best choice.

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