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Sixty, Seriously, WTAF?

So today I hit 60 years old, seriously? Where did all the time go? Can’t say that I feel any different. Anyway, It must have baffled the medical professionals who told me to slow down my lifestyle or I’d be dead by 30, 40, 50 etc. Maybe they don’t know as much as they claim after all.

Guess we slow down bit by bit, I certainly don’t dash to the pub in a ’smell the kerosene’ cloud as soon as I finish work on a Friday anymore, well not often. Thinking about it, the Covid lockdown was a game-changer for me. My previous hobbies involved doing hundreds of miles each weekend and worrying about traffic jams and delays, lockdown forced a more local way of life and I never summoned up the interest to go back to my old ways (the bank balance highlights the other benefits of this).

I do believe that life is a book of linked but distinct chapters and I’ve been lucky enough to experience this; childhood, university, single, racing stock cars, married, divorced and revisiting old ways, covid lockdown and now. Hopefully, there will be more to come.

Maybe it is true that ‘less is more’. Whereas going away at weekends was effectively just a part of my routine, it is now special and to be looked forward to and valued more as a consequence.

I now find myself the (not very) proud owner of a brand new senior railcard, sounds like good value at £70 for 3 years and giving 30% of most off-peak rail travel. I’m itching to test it out but am at work tomorrow so can’t go far. A train trip to Wigton for breakfast it was then, a small town not far from home but I’ve never visited before as it is bypassed by road and the station goes by the edge of town.

It might have been nice to go on a celebratory pub spree but it is a dull Wednesday so it would only end in disappointment. Looks like it will have to wait and I can live with that. I’ll spend the rest of the day servicing my bike (long overdue) and doing domestic chores as there is no shortage of those. If I’m ever 60 again I’ll make sure it falls on a Friday. And there was me thinking I was good at planning.

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