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The DS Kate Hamblin series by David Hodges

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I’ve just finished reading the 8 book DS Kate Hamblin series written by David Hodges, this has taken me about 3 months because I interspersed them with a series of books of a totally different type to mix it up a bit.

Whilst Kate takes centre stage in the series, there are several other characters who appear throughout and are also developed in some depth (including her rather unpleasant boss), this makes the books quite entertaining.

Based in a fictitious town on the Somerset levels; I don’t feel that they are pure ‘police procedurals’, nor are they just ‘whodunnits’, somewhere in-between maybe.

Kate is quite a strong character who is very dedicated and determined to find the correct answer even if it is not always the easiest and most popular path to follow. She has maverick tendencies and little regard for her own safety do there is plenty of action across the series.

The series kicks off with two books which follow directly on from each another and these are very much the best stories, hitting an intensity which the following books don’t quite match (although they are very readable in their own right).

Some of the plots do push plausibility a little far but that certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying them and I hope that there are more to follow as the last one was published quite recently and certainly left the door open for more.

The series consists of the following books (in order).

  • Murder on the Levels

  • Revenge on the Levels

  • Fear on the Levels

  • Killer on the Levels

  • Secrets on the Levels

  • Death on the Levels

  • Poison on the Levels

  • Witch Fire on the Levels

I’d rate the first one as 5/5 for entertainment with the rest being more like 4/5 so still worth reading. I’m pretty sure that I got the first seven as a 99p Kindle bundle from Amazon and that is a lot of good entertainment for the price of a bar of chocolate.

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