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The Humble Beermat

The beermat is part of British pub culture, they are even avid collectors and some examples can have quite a high value. When working in pubs, I've thrown away many a soggy example. Many relationships have started with a phone number jotted on a peeled one of these

It seems the original tide came from Germany and there is even some history that can be found on the web.

I've got a handful at home, just ones I've picked up and nothing special. The same one has been used under pop cans and coffee cups in my office for 2 years and it was getting very soggy and floppy so I replaced it with an unused version of the same.

Rather than throwing the old one away I propped it up to allow a full airflow and left it to dry, this took almost two months, how much can they absorb? Anyhow, it is good to go again and as stiff as it was on day one. How is that for green credentials, I wonder how many years I can get out of this mat?

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