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The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May (Audible)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Back when I spent many hours driving for work, I used Audible a lot. Although I generally read books instead these days, audiobooks are a fantastic way of passing time while travelling and I'd certainly sign up again if I found myself in similar circumstances.

I've still got a few Audible audiobooks (from my old subscription plan) that I have not yet listened to, so I downloaded the app again at the start of the lockdown after not having used it for several years.

First on my list has been the Lewis trilogy by Peter May, read by Peter Forbes. These are three separate but linked books based on the Isle of Lewis. They are pretty long so it has taken me a while to get through them, mainly while walking.

They cover the experiences of one individual on the island over a long timespan, and his interactions and relationships with his peers. The stories feature a number of quite complex interlinked plots. Each story features flashbacks to his younger years to build a tale covering several decades.

Peter May is a highly accomplished author and master storyteller and the reading by Peter Forbes is absolutely first class. While there is not the adrenalin rush of a thriller, this is more than made up for by the level of detail in the overall story.

If you want a series of entertaining audiobooks to fill almost 34 hours, I'd definitely recommend these as they are absolutely five-star in my view.

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