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The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co.

Yesterday morning I went into Morrisons after my bus home from the doctors was cancelled and I had 30 minutes to burn. As usual, I looked on the reduced shelf to see if there was something different to try.

I found this Toad in the Hole (made with beef dripping) from The Yorkshire Pudding Co. and made it mine. After a quick glance at the instructions, I decided to ignore them and chuck it into the air fryer complete with its foil container, This is not a reflection on the instructions, in fact, they are exceptionally clear to read.

I set it to 180C and cooked it until it looked right which was around 14 minutes. In went a quarter of a pint of Aldi gravy (the best one in their range), job done and on with the feasting, all this 'serves 2' stuff is overrated although it would with some potatoes and veg.

Was this a good product? absolutely, in fact I'd say an excellent product. Nice sausages (4 of them) and batter thick enough to be crispy on the outside without being burnt. Diet food it is not but the odd treat can't do any harm.

I think that next time I know I'm going to be too busy to cook a Sunday dinner I could well be tempted even at full price. I'll have to have a look at the rest of their range.

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